The human figure has taken up residence as the subject for a portion of my paintings. I am drawn to the process of capturing realistically the expressive nature of the figure because such portrayal carries potential for narrative and simply because I possess a love of rendering.

Certain artworks are inspired by my background. Growing up on a family farm, I have experienced the feeling of responsibility that comes with animal husbandry and land stewardship but also the feeling of elation. While I stand holding a bottle of milk supplement for an orphaned or under - nourished baby calf to nurse, for instance, I feel that the interaction results in a mutual response, a sense of well – being in both the calf and me. It seems that there is a significant dialogue between the rural lifestyle and the human form.

I celebrate the opportunity for observation of all varieties of living organisms that has been afforded me by living off the land. The human being is one of those organisms. In the process of creating art based on the human form, my powers of observation are tested and abilities of rendering invigorated. Undeniably we human beings have an impact upon the landscape. Just as significant is the impact of the landscape upon us if we allow it.