An Autumn Farewell 2014

It began with a walk through the farmyard.  
The Pecan (Carya illinoinensis) trees had just released their leaves—still green. 
The Sugar Maple (Acer saccharum) boasted various warm fall hues decorating the yard and sky.  
I collected the wind-fallen leaves of both.
In celebration, I prepared to bundle with silk the colors of fall. 
I laid out a silk scarf and began arranging persimmon sepals left over from processing persimmon pulp in preparation for baking treats.  I sprinkled a little ground madder over the sepals, and folded over the silk to arrange Maple leaves.
(Persimmon sepals above with ground madder)
(Sepals and Maple leaves above)
And tucked in some Pecan leaves.   
With a bit of a copper pipe, I rolled up the bundle and bound it tight with twine. 
Like a time capsule, I stored this bundle in a glass jar to be opened in the future.  
Patience and time will allow the leaves and sepals to release their dyes and to mingle with the silk and to bond.  
And returned to my table to bundle another scarf. 
A few Oak leaves found their way into the fold.  Can you find the Oak leaf  above?  Bonus points for those of you who can tell me the species! 
Topped off with some onionskins, and bundled around another piece of copper pipe. 
The left is a bundle nearly a year old, the middle is the first bundle, and the right large jar holds the last bundle.  I also placed some ground madder “tea bags” into the jar of the last bundle with another silk scarf to over-dye while the bundle seeps.   
With my silk and wind-fallen autumn leaves resting, I wondered what I would find in my little time capsules when I opened them, next fall.  And with a thought of gratitude for the beautiful autumn we’ve just experienced, I wish next year and next autumn to be just as beautiful if not more.